BestMovies Now Removal Guide

Do you know what BestMovies Now is?

BestMovies Now is a browser extension that is supposed to enhance your web browsing experience. Technically, there is nothing malicious about this piece of software, but computer security experts are eager to point out that this app is a potentially unwanted program. It means that the application might be associated with a number of security issues, and those issues should not be overlooked. Therefore, please remove BestMovies Now from your browser immediately. You can refer to the manual removal instructions below this description. If you do not feel like terminating this program on your own, consider investing in a licensed antispyware tool.

You might be wondering why we are reluctant to call this extension a malicious infection. Well, because it is not. It is merely a program that users install on their computers accidentally. Now here you might say that you have no intention of adding this app to your browser whatsoever, and we would totally believe you. However, such applications often trick unsuspecting users into adding them. Not to mention that certain distribution tactics may capitalize on user’s negligence during software installation. How does that happen?

BestMovies Now can be distributed through several different sources. First, we have the official homepage via Then, the extension can also be found at the Chrome Web Store. In fact, Chrome is the only browser this extension is compatible with. What’s more, when (or if) users encounter this extension on the Chrome Web Store; it can make the program look reliable enough to add it. On the other hand, we have probably made it clear by now that there are more distribution sources than just the official ones.

That is a very common thing among potentially unwanted programs. We can often encounter them on file sharing websites, where users can download freeware applications. Freeware installers tend to bundle several applications together, and so BestMovies Now can also come in a bundle, when users do not review the programs they install. What do you need in such a case? Basically, just attention. If you are attentive enough during software installation, you can deselect the programs you do not need. But if you breeze through the setup without checking all the steps, BestMovies Now will clearly be added to your browser whether you like it or not.

When this extension starts working, it changes your homepage and new tab settings. The official information about this program says that BestMovies Now is “for a quick movies, trailers and actress click-and-visit experience.” And once you install this extension, it starts monitoring your browsing history. Technically, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it, but it is alarming because it is hard to say where this extension would use all the collected data. The data it collects is not personally identifiable, so it cannot steal your banking logins or passwords. Nevertheless, BestMovies Now clearly indulges in online advertising, and so through this extension you could be exposed to third-party content.

Let’s forget about the “official” function of this extension for a second. Although the thought of having the latest movie news at the tip of your fingers might sound alluring, we cannot forget the fact that sooner or later BestMovies Now might start displaying modified commercial content. This is what the data this extension collects about you allows it to do: Custom advertising. The ads you might encounter will be tailored according to your likes and preferences, thus increasing the possibility that you might interact with them. This interaction is the main thing the extension wants and needs: The moment you click an ad, you generate income for the people behind this application via the pay-per-click system.

Needless to say, BestMovies Now is an annoying intruder that you certainly do not need, especially if you did not want to have it in the first place. You can remove it easily via Chrome’s settings. On the other hand, if you feel that there is something off about your computer, you should scan it with the SpyHunter free scanner. There might as well be more potentially unwanted programs installed, so it is strongly recommended that you remove them all. Keep your system safe and clean, and please be careful about the apps you download and install.

How to Remove BestMovies Now

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and click More tools.
  3. Open Extensions.
  4. Remove BestMovies Now from the list.

In non-techie terms:

BestMovies Now is an annoying application that can be added to your browser accidentally. Please remove it from your system immediately because it could inadvertently expose you to dangerous third-party content. While you are at it, you should review your web browsing habits because such apps manage to enter target systems because users are often negligent about the software they set up on their computers. You should also consider acquiring a licensed antispyware tool to safeguard your system.