Best Antivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what Best Antivirus is?

Because of rogue antispyware applications like Best Antivirus it has become increasingly more difficult for users to distinguish between genuine security applications and rubbish rogue applications. The developers behind Best Antivirus developed this rogue with the specific intention of ripping off unsuspecting PC owners. This rogue will pretend to be a powerful security tool able to protect PCs against all known and unknown security threats. The truth is that this Best Antivirus has no ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system and is actually a malicious infection in itself.

If you are wondering how this malicious rogue application gains access to your PC, Best Antivirus enters the system using established infection tactics. These ranges from using fake online malware scanners and seditious browser hijacking websites incorporating drive-by download tactics. Once it manages to securely root itself in the system Best Antivirus will then start its attack.

Best Antivirus will start its attack by making use of a falsely generated security scan. This fake security scan will inform the user that his PC is being attacked and that Best Antivirus has the ability to detect and remove these supposed threats from the system. The user will need to pay for and activate Best Antivirus in order for the rogue to ‘cleanse’ his PC from these viruses and infections.

As a further attack on the system, the user will find him spammed with fake security alerts in the form of popup messages. These annoying popups will be incessant and will inform the user of the same thing the fake security scan states. Best Antivirus will also instigate various other annoying symptoms to further annoy and panic the user into paying for its worthless software. These range from rapidly increasing erratic system behavior and dramatically poor system performance.

In order to protect your PC against this malicious threat, it is advisable to get rid of Best Antivirus with the help of a powerful security tool which will also protect your PC against any future similar attacks.

In non techie terms:

This fake security tool is only out to steal your money. Never pay for any Best Antivirus product and destroy Best Antivirus as soon as possible.

Aliases: BestAntivirus.