Beijing Olympics Sparks Millions of Worldwide Spam Messages

Spammers are going for Gold for the most spam messages sent.

Major events happening around the world, such as this year's Beijing Olympics, always spark a sudden increase in spam messages. Secure Computer, a security vendor, has announced that they have seen a big increase in spam messages in the past few weeks related to the Beijing Olympics. They go on to say that they have seen as many as 360 million of these messages show up online recently. Most of us know how spam email messages can be misconstrued due to the subject naming.

Why use "Olympic" titled messages to spam people?

Would you open an email that brings to light some new information that you did not know such as "President Bush calls for Olympic boycott" or "China issues anti-terror guide for Olympic Games"? Some of the messages reported are very farfetched such as one titled "Beijing Olympics cancelled, moved to Atlanta." Now you would not believe that would you? Probably not but it may spark the interest of enough people worldwide to open the message with this title.

The spammer's ultimate goal is to get you to open his or her spam message in hopes that you fall victim to their scam that asks for personal information. You may be thinking to yourself that you would not give out your personal information via an email that has something to do with this year's Olympics. You may be surprised as to how many people fall for this trick.

Usually these emails are cleverly written in a way that makes it look like a legitimate email from a reputable source simply asking to confirm personal information. What if the email says you were part of an Olympic lottery or you have won a trip to Beijing to attend the Olympics. Now that might spark your interest wouldn't it? What if it was a sympathy email asking for donations towards a cancer research organization. Sure, you would hand your money right over in an instant wouldn't you? Maybe not if you are smart.

Have you received any emails related to the Beijing Olympics this year? Do you normally open these types of emails? After reading this do you think you will think twice before opening an email related to the subject of the Olympics?

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