Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a browser hijacker that is linked to the BaySearch Video NewTab browser extension. At the time of research, this potentially unwanted program was not available via the official website, but it could still be downloaded from the Chrome web store ( There is also a possibility that it could be spread using third-party installers and that it could be downloaded along with other PUPs. Even if you think that your operating system is clean, this is a perfect opportunity to scan it. Implement a legitimate and reliable malware scanner, and you will find out soon if you need to delete anything else besides the extension and hijacker. In this report, we focus on the removal of and the BaySearch Video NewTab extension. If you want to learn how to get rid of these pieces, please continue reading.

According to the information presented at, the extension is meant to provide users with “the top videos and movies online on one easy and simple page.” BaySearch Video NewTab, allegedly, can show “best video content,” provide you with “up&coming and reviews,” as well as help you “explore video content.” The information on the Chrome web store also informs that the add-on can give you access to “quick links to the top online entertainment providers.” If you are attracted to any of the services presented by the PUP, you might install it without thinking much about it at all. If you do that, you should find the New Tab page on your Chrome browser changed to the PUP’s Our researchers warn that the homepage can be hijacked too, but that should happen only if you have set New Tab to open as the startup Removal screenshot
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The interface of hijacker presents easy-access links to,,,,, and These links route to legitimate websites, and so it is safe to use them. We cannot say the same about the search tool. If you enter keywords into the “Search the web…” box and click “Search,” you will be shown results that might include sponsored content, ads, and unrelated links. According to the Privacy Policy ( that was set up by First Offer Ltd (the creator), the hijacker can present third-party “content, features, functionalities, ads, offers […] deals, coupons and discounts.” Although that might seem like a great service, we do not know which third parties could show ads and “content,” which means we have to consider the possibility that you could be exposed to something unreliable. This is the main reason we suggest deleting the hijacker.

We strongly recommend removing because this hijacker is pretty much unpredictable. If it is active along with an extension, you need to delete it, and, hopefully, the hijacker will disappear at the same time. Another option would be to reset the browser. We also encourage you to clear browsing data to ensure that no remains of the threat persist. If malware or potentially unwanted programs have slithered into your operating system along with the threat, you should consider installing anti-malware software. It will automatically delete all threats and secure your system to protect the operating system against malware and potentially unwanted programs that might try to attack in the future.


  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Tap keys ALT+F to open the menu on the right side on the browser.
  3. Click More tools to expand the menu and then click Extensions.
  4. Remove the BaySearch Video NewTab extension.
  5. Tap ALT+F again and click Settings.
  6. Move to the bottom, click Advanced, and move to the bottom again.
  7. Click Restore settings to their original defaults and choose Reset settings.
  8. Tap keys CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and choose the time range.
  9. Mark the boxes you want and click Clear data.

In non-techie terms: might seem like a harmless search tool, but our research team classifies it as a browser hijacker. It was also found that it can showcase advertisements and content that belongs to third parties via the search results that are shown to you when you enter any keyword. Unfortunately, the search service can be useless and even unreliable, which is the main reason we suggest deleting If this search tool took over your Chrome browser when you installed an extension, you need to remove it. Otherwise, resetting the browser might be your only option. If other PUPs, hijackers, or threats are found, we also recommend implementing anti-malware software to clear the system and ensure its security. If you have questions – leave them in the comments section.