Backdoor.Mivast Removal Guide

Do you know what Backdoor.Mivast is?

Backdoor.Mivast is a backdoor Trojan that makes the affected system extremely vulnerable to third-party exploitations and malware infections. It might take some time before you notice that something is off, so if you want to remove Backdoor.Mivast as soon as possible, you have to get yourself a reliable antispyware program that would help you scan your PC on a regular basis, thus intercepting any potential threats right on time. It is also very likely that there are more dangerous infections present on your computer, so a full system scan with a legitimate computer security program would be a good idea.

Backdoor.Mivast obviously has more than just one method to enter your system. Trojans are often distributed through spam email messages, social engineering messages; JavaScript exploits in vulnerable websites, and sometimes even software packages that are available to download from file sharing websites. If you are not careful enough, Backdoor.Mivast will enter the system disguised as some other application, and soon your computer will be crippled by this severe infection. Although this Trojan was discovered only last month, it has already managed to affect multiple Windows platforms worldwide.

Unlike rogues, adware, or ransomware programs, Backdoor.Mivast does not manifest its presence out in the open. The infection works in the system background, gathering your passwords and other credentials. Backdoor.Mivast can then connect to a remote command and control center to send out all the collected information and download update information. The Trojan can also run basic commands and download .exe files that might be related to even more dangerous infections.

What’s more, Backdoor.Mivast is able to open a back door on your computer, connecting to one of the following servers:,, and others. It goes without saying that this kind of activity is carried out behind your back and Backdoor.Mivast even starts automatically each time you turn on your computer. Thus, the infection is highly independent, and it can carry out almost any task its creators want it to do. Since the Trojan can communicate with its command and control center through the established connection, there is no saying what damage Backdoor.Mivast could end up inflicting on your computer.

Please save yourself the trouble of having to deal with a crippled computer by removing Backdoor.Mivast at once. Invest in a computer security tool that will delete Backdoor.Mivast automatically, and you won’t get to worry about it anymore because the computer security program of your choice will keep your PC safe and clean 24/7.

In non-techie terms:

Backdoor.Mivast is a dangerous infection that runs secretly on your computer. It collects sensitive data and leaks it to hackers. If you want to avoid an ultimate system crash, you will have Backdoor.Mivast removed immediately. Should you need an alternative software removal method, please check out our instructions below this description.