AXPDefender or AdvancedXPDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what AdvancedXPDefender is?

AdvancedXPDefender , also known as AXPDefender or Advanced XP Defender, is a rogue anti-spyware program that is known to infiltrate computers without notice to the computer user. AdvancedXPDefender or AXP Defender may scan an infected system displaying totally erroneious results. AdvancedXPDefender uses this tactic to scare computer users into purchasing the full AXP Defender or AdvancedXPDefender program.

AdvancedXPDefender is usually installed through a Trojan infection such as Zlob or Vundo that can be obtained from a fake video codec download or a peer 2 peer website. We noticed that AdvancedXPDefender has it's own website,, which directly sells and promotes the AdvancedXPDefender program. AdvancedXPDefender has the ability to steal your passwords or personal information. AdvancedXPDefender uses this information to send to a remote hacker which may lead to identity theft.

In non-techie terms: AdvancedXPDefender or AXP Defender is a useless program that does not remove parasites from your systems as it claims. If you suspect that you are infected with a Trojan you should take action before it installs AdvancedXPDefender. Once AdvancedXPDefender is installed then you run the serious risk of having your personal information stolen or damage to your system. Do not under any circumstances purchase AdvancedXPDefender or any program named AXP Defender, Advanced XP Defender or AXP Defender.

Update: AdvancedXPDefender is known to display black bugs crawling on the screen of an infected computer as shown in the image below. If you have AdvancedXPDefender or AXP Defender installed then you may have black bugs crawling on your Windows desktop where they appear to be eating away at your screen. The black bugs closely resemble a screen saver but it is not. You must remove AdvancedXPDefender and all of its files to stop the black bugs from crawling on your screen.

Aliases: AXPDefender, AdvancedXPDefender, AXP Defender, Advanced XP Defender,

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  • Chuck R.

    I also found that similaryly named entries in the registry under HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop key, entries "OriginalWallpaper" and "SCRNSAVE.EXE". Bothwere pointing to files in the %windir%SYSTEM32 directory. One was a BMP (the wallpaper) and the other was a SCR (screensaver). To be safe I deleted these as well and also did a search through the registry for other entries as well as searched the file system.

    Hope this helps some others...