Awola or Awola 6.0 Removal Guide

Do you know what Awola is?

Have you recently installed Awola or purchased the Awola 6.0 program? We hope not because Awola is a rogue anti-spyware program known to brag about its false claim of being the ultimate in anti-spyware protection. We have found and proven that Awola or Awola 6.0 is not the ultimate in anti-spyware protection. Awola is more like the ultimate program that wastes your money.

Awola will display fake alerts that state you are infected with known Trojans such as Trojan-PSW or Backdoor Trojan. Awola is most dangerous in the way it show off the name of real infections which may throw many computer users for a loop and may end up believing Awola is a good program. Awola is distributed and sold on the website which should be avoided. The site makes several false claims on what the Awola program will do.

In non-techie terms: Awola is not a good program to have and it should be removed as soon as humanly possible. Awola may be installed automatically by Trojan infection files which should be removed also to avoid further infection of other parasites. Awola should not be downloaded or purchased under any circumstances.

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