AV Guard Online Removal Guide

Do you know what AV Guard Online is?

Users who are familiar with the OpenCloud Security rogue antispyware application will easily be able to identify its successor, AV Guard Online. This rogue application was designed specifically to steal users’ money while leaving them with nothing of value in return. AV Guard Online will enter its victims’ PCs without their permission, and will remain hidden until such time that it is ready to start its attack against the system.

Infection tactics used by AV Guard Online extend to bogus online malware scanners and seditious browser hijacking websites. As of late it has also been reported that AV Guard Online makes use of infected online flash ads as a part of its online marketing campaign.

The first clue the user will have as to the presence of AV Guard Online on the system will come from AV Guard Online initiating a fake system scan which will inform the user that his system is under attack. AV Guard Online will inform the user that he needs to pay for AV Guard Online in order to stave off these attacks. Shortly following this the user will find himself spammed with numerous falsely generated security threats, some of which read as follows:

Security Warning
Malicious programs that may steal your private information and prevent your system from working properly are detected on your computer.
Click here to clean your PC immediately.

Security Warning
There are critical system files on your computer that were modified by malicious software.
It may cause permanent data loss.
Click here to remove malicious software.

Warning: Infection is Detected
Windows has found spyware infection on your computer!
Click here to update your Windows antivirus software

Symptoms associated with AV Guard Online range from users being unable to execute applications on the infected PC to blocked Internet connections. Users have also complained about poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior.

When all is said and done, AV Guard Online will do much more damage to the PC than any good. In order to limit the damage this rogue will be able to cause your PC, destroy AV Guard Online with the help of a powerful security tool.

In non techie terms:

AV Guard Online is a bogus security tool only out to rip you off. Erase AV Guard Online immediately and take back control of what is rightfully yours.

Aliases: AVGuardOnline.