AV Care Removal Guide

Do you know what AV Care is?

AV Care is a fake anti-spyware program that is usually promoted through browser hijackers. It is possible that the majority of AV Care installations are the result of a browser hijacker or trojan infection. In such a case, AV Care could be installed automatically without permission from the computer operator or administrator.

Once AV Care is installed, it is able to display fake notifications and conduct bogus system scans all in an attempt to get you to purchase the licensed version of AV Care. In the full licensed version, AV Care is still not able to effectively detect or remove any type of computer parasite as it may claim too.

In non-techie terms:
AV Care is not an application that you ever want to leave installed on your computer. You do not want to purchase AV Care either. If you do so, you would be wasting your valuable time and money. AV Care is not a security application that is able to remove or detect any type of computer parasites.

AV Care Screen Shot Image:

Aliases: AV Care, AVCare.