Aubamy Downloader Removal Guide

Do you know what Aubamy Downloader is?

If you accidentally installed Aubamy Downloader, we urge you to read the whole article to get to know this application better. Our researchers doubt its reliability since the extension does not seem to be providing its Privacy Policy or End User License Agreement documents that are crucial for understanding the software’s policy on privacy issues, it's working manner, and other important details. Consequently, the plugin falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). However, our researchers decided to categorize it as PUP not just because of the mentioned missing information, but also because it was noticed Aubamy Downloader could be spread through unreliable sources. Not to mention the extension has no useful features to enhance your browsing; even worse it is possible it might disturb your browsing by redirecting you to suspicious web pages and showing questionable third-party advertisements. Therefore, we advise you not to leave it unattended. Users can erase it manually with the removal guide located below the article or a reputable antimalware tool of their preference.

Once downloaded Aubamy Downloader should place an icon on the Google Chrome’s top-right corner; next to the Customize and control Google Chrome menu. The icon is a grey square button, and as a result, it might be unnoticed by some users. This is not a first doubtful browser extension to choose such design for its button, and this is why we believe it could have been done on purpose to hide the application’s presence. Clicking it opens a small menu with usual options such as Remove from Chrome, Hide in Chrome menu, etc. At this point, you may wonder what this PUP exactly does.

Given its description does not explain it and there are no Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, or End User License Agreement documents, we could say this question remains to be unanswered, although our researchers have noticed the application might behave in a particular manner. For example, it could redirect the user to adware servers or other unreliable web pages. As a consequence, the search results might be injected with untrustworthy third-party advertising content. Needless to say, there is not knowing where the ads could come from. In other words, some of them might endanger your system or your privacy, so it would be safer not to watch out for suspicious advertisements.

You may not necessarily add Aubamy Downloader knowingly or willingly as the reports say the PUP could be spread through unreliable web pages that display a pop-up asking to place the plugin on your browser to leave the website. Our specialists say the user might be redirected to such site by other suspicious software on the computer. Thus, if you received this questionable extension, we advise you to check the system for other possible threats. No doubt, the easiest way to do so is to employ a reputable antimalware tool and let it perform a full system scan. Afterward, the security tool would show you a list of its identified threats, and you could eliminate them all by just clicking the deletion button.

Aubamy Downloader should be detected by reputable antimalware software too, so while checking the system and removing other potential threats to it, you could erase this suspicious plugin as well. Of course, if you prefer eliminating it manually you could have a look at the removal guide we provide below this paragraph and follow its steps to delete the PUP from the Google Chrome while using its extensions manager. In order not to re-encounter similar threats, we would recommend staying away from questionable file-sharing web pages and pay more attention to the programs you choose to install, plus the installation process itself.

Erase Aubamy Downloader

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Tap ALT+F to open Settings.
  3. Click on More tools and pick Extensions.
  4. Locate the PUP.
  5. Press the recycle bin button next to it.
  6. Choose Remove.
  7. Close the browser.

In non-techie terms:

Researchers who tested Aubamy Downloader say it is not just suspicious, but also rather useless as it does not appear to be able to offer any tools or advanced features to enhance the user’s browsing. On the contrary, it is possible it might disturb it while redirecting the user to unknown web pages or showing him questionable advertising content. These are the main reasons why we would recommend deleting the plugin before anything goes wrong. If you think it would be smart to do so follow the instructions placed above to get rid of it on your own or install a reputable antimalware tool and let it deal with this potentially unwanted program for you.