Astrum Antivirus Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Astrum Antivirus Pro is?

Astrum Antivirus Pro is a fake anti-spyware program known to be a clone of Antivirus Trigger and Virus Trigger. All of the mentioned programs were found to perform a vast array of malicious functions in addition to causing havoc on the system that they are installed onto.

Astrum Antivirus Pro, once installed, starts to display numerous security or popup notifications that attempt to notify you of a fake issue or parasite that you must remove. Do not take heed to any messages related to Astrum Antivirus Pro because they are more than likely fake. Astrum Antivirus Pro should be treated as a serious infection that must be removed immediately.

In non-techie terms:
Astrum Antivirus Pro is not much different from other rogue anti-spyware programs. Astrum Antivirus Pro performs the same old tactics of getting you to purchase a full version of the malicious program. Do not fall for Astrum Antivirus Pro's tricks. It will only make you upset when you find out that you have wasted your hard earned money on Astrum Antivirus Pro.

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