Asterope Locker Removal Guide

Do you know what Asterope Locker is?

Asterope Locker is a ransomware application, but our research team categorizes it as a Trojan. The program’s servers are down, so it does not spread around the web any longer, but you should still be aware of this application because there might be similar infections out there. Removing Asterope Locker and other similar ransomware programs might be tricky. Thus, users are strongly recommended to acquire a powerful antispyware application that would protect their systems 24/7. Do not forget that you have to run regular system scans as well.

When Asterope Locker was still functional, it would infect computers via Trojans. It means that prior to ransomware infection the target computer would have already been infected with some Trojan. Trojans enter computers surreptitiously when users accidentally trigger unsolicited download on malware or adware-related websites. Once ransomware Trojan gets installed on a computer, it connects to the internet behind user’s back and downloads the likes of Asterope Locker onto the system. When the ransomware installation is complete, it runs each time user turns on his computer automatically.

The annoying part of ransomware infection is that users seldom can access their files. This is what ransomware infections like Asterope Locker are all about – they deny desktop access and then ask for a ransom fee. Asterope Locker used to ask for 250 WMZ to be paid via WebMoney transfer. Keeping in mind this alternative method payment system, we could tell that Asterope Locker mostly targeted computer users in Russia. Although it did not mean that computer users in other countries could not get affected – WebMoney could have easily been used worldwide as well.

There are many ransomware applications out there, and usually they do not cause any harm to your files. But some of them are known to encrypt the most important files, and with that the files are as good as gone. Although there is no need to remove Asterope Locker anymore because the ransomware is no longer active, you should still be careful when you browse the web. Just because one ransomware application is gone, it does not mean that others will disappear just like that as well.

In order to protect your computer from such infections as Asterope Locker, you need to refrain from downloading freeware from unfamiliar third-party websites. Also, if you must download a software update, get it only at the official vendor website. Last but not least, acquire a licensed antimalware application that would allow you to perform regular system scans. With a computer security tool of choice, you will be able to protect your computer from infections similar to Asterope Locker.

In non-techie terms:

Asterope Locker is a dangerous computer infection, but its servers are down, so it no longer works. Nevertheless, you should not put your guard down – there are more potential threats waiting to enter your PC any time. To avoid serious computer security issues, please get yourself a powerful computer security application.