Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is an annoying browser hijacker that usually infects systems through the well known Zlob Trojan. Once you have this type of infection on your system you will get random redirects to the website in an attempt to get you to purchase a rogue anti-spyware program such as VirusProtectPro or AntiVirGear.

If you notice that your browser is redirecting you to the site then you may be infected with Zlob Trojan. may change your home page on your browser to point to This is another indication that you may be infected with a Trojan.

In non-techie terms: Websites such as are designed by hackers to extort money from you. If you get a popup telling you that you may be infected with spyware and it asks you to purchase a program, this is usually a sign that you are actually infected with a Trojan. It is always a good practice to avoid clicking OK on any suspicious popups that you may encounter. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase programs offered on the website or any popups associated with

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