Armor Defender Removal Guide

Do you know what Armor Defender is?


Armor Defender may sate that it has been designed to protect, but that is nonsense! Armor Defender is a complete scam which was designed with the sole purpose of ripping computer users off! Armor Defender gets into PCs via Trojan infections and also through misleading advertising on dubious websites - across the internet. Once Armor Defender infects a computer it will display verious security warnings, threat alerts and scan results that are all fake. These fake warnings arewell designed to make all users freak out and purchase the full version of the software - in an attempt to franticly clean and rid your PC of all unwanted activity.

In non-techie terms:

You must delete Armor Defender as soon as possible, because it neither helps You nor Your computer. Armor Defender is a program specialy made to get into Your compter, show warning messages and fake scan reports. Armor Defenders only aim is to trick money out of Your Credit Card.

Aliases: ArmorDefender.