AppleCare And Warranty Scam Removal Guide

Do you know what AppleCare And Warranty Scam is?

AppleCare And Warranty Scam is just what it sounds like; it is a scam targeted at Apple users. To be more precise it is a fake system alert created to make the user believe there are issues with his computer. Then it should instruct the user to call a particular telephone number to get help, but instead of getting the help you might get tricked into buying suspicious products or services, etc. Thus, if your browser displays this alert, keep it in mind, it is not from your system, and so instead of doing what it says, you should learn how this threat managed to get in and what can be done to stop it from reappearing again. In which case, we highly recommend reading the rest of our article since we will discuss the mentioned questions and even more in it. Moreover, at the end of the article, we will add a removal guide showing what to do to get rid of threats related to AppleCare And Warranty Scam.

The fake alert comes unexpectedly, and so if you came across it, you may wonder how it managed to get in. Our computer security specialists believe AppleCare And Warranty Scam could travel together with adware. It might not show up the same moment the user installs it, which is why it might be more challenging to make a connection between the suspicious warning and the recently downloaded threat.

Adware, potentially unwanted programs, browser hijackers and similar questionable software is usually distributed via untrustworthy file-sharing web pages, suspicious pop-up ads, etc. Some users download such programs without realizing how shady they are just because they do not try to learn more about them, for example, read the software’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, or End User License Agreement documents, expert reviews, and so on. Meaning, if you do not want to receive such applications or threats that may come with them you should be more cautious.

Furthermore, we learned AppleCare And Warranty Scam is not one of the fake alerts you see on pop-up windows. Instead, it is displayed on a particular website the user gets redirected to automatically by some threat that settled in on the computer. It seems like the fictitious warning should try to scare the user by saying there is a “harmful virus installed in your computer.” To make it sound even worse, the alert could tell you “This virus can also damage the firewall security which can result in data loss or hard drive crash.”

No doubt, losing precious memories, important documents, and other personal data on the computer is not something anyone wishes to experience. This is why we would not be surprised if users who have no idea AppleCare And Warranty Scam is a fake alert could call the hackers and ask for their help. Sadly, instead of it, they might be tricked to pay for useless products or services, to reveal their sensitive data, give the hackers access to the system, etc.

Naturally, considering the possible risks, we urge users not to take any chances and eliminate the fictitious warning as soon as possible. Our computer security specialists say; if you find and delete the threat related to the fake alert, it should not bother you anymore. The removal guide placed a bit below this paragraph should help you with this task as it will explain how to delete suspicious software that could be related to AppleCare And Warranty Scam from the system.

Get rid of AppleCare And Warranty Scam

  1. Launch the Finder application.
  2. Choose Applications and identify potential threats.
  3. Click once to mark the suspicious program’s icon.
  4. Go to the File menu available on the top-left corner of your screen.
  5. Select Move To Trash.
  6. Tap and hold the Trash icon until a new pop-up menu shows up.
  7. Click Empty Trash.
  8. Restart the computer.

In non-techie terms:

AppleCare And Warranty Scam is a fake system alert you may notice on your browser if you install adware or other unreliable applications distributing it. The alert might ask to contact technical support to resolve listed computer issues. Of course, we would not advise anyone to do so because just calling them could appear to be expensive, not to mention they might ask to pay for their services or ask you to buy unnecessary products. As a result, you could grant hackers access to your system, waste money on things you may not even find useful, reveal your sensitive information, etc. Clearly, there are lots of things that could go wrong, and this is why we urge you not to call the given phone number and eliminate the warning as soon as possible. For this reason, we prepared a removal guide located a bit above this text.