AntivirusMaster (AV Master) Removal Guide

Do you know what AntivirusMaster is?

AntivirusMaster or sometimes called AV Master, is a fake anti-spyware program discovered to be a clone of Antivirus 2008. It seems ever since Antivirus 2008 came out we are getting a steady influx of rogue anti-spyware programs having the "Antivirus" name in them.

AntivirusMaster or AV Master is just like the family of Antivirus 2008 fake programs in that most times it comes from the Zlob or Vundo Trojan infection. Once AntivirusMaster is installed it displays popups or system alerts notifying you of a bogus threat or infection. This is done in part of a scam to get you to purchase the full AntivirusMaster program.

In non-techie terms: AntivirusMaster is nothing to play with or trust. Because AntivirusMaster is a scam, you must remove it at once before damage is done to your system files. Do not download or purchase AntivirusMaster under any circumstances.

Aliases: AntivirusMaster, Antivirus Master, AV Master.

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