AntivirusGT Removal Guide

Do you know what AntivirusGT is?

AntivirusGT is the latest rogue security program one should be wary of. Commonly, AntivirusGT and these type nefarious applications will attempt to achieve one main goal: to coerce users into purchasing its full version. The modus operandi of AntivirusGT is to simulate a system scan – which in actual fact will only produce distressing results – claiming that the system in question is inundated with malware. When AntivirusGT is fully embedded within a computer system, it will continue to bombard the user with pop-up messages claiming that the system can only be fixed when the full version of AntivirusGT is purchased. The truth of the matter is that AntivirusGT is the hazardous file in question, which should be removed immediately!

In non techie terms

AntivirusGT is a total scam! Do not fall for their tactics of persuasion - AntivirusGT will only harm any PC it has infiltrated. Removal is key!

Aliases: Antivirus GT.