Antivirus Suite Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Suite is?

Antivirus Suite is yet another malicious and powerful rogue antispyware application.You need to know that Antivirus Suite is actually a new version of Antivirus Soft, Antivirus Live and Antivirus System PRO. It is nothing like the name suggests and has no relationship with any antivirus products. The only associated which Antivirus Suite will ever have with an antivirus product, is that you will need to buy a really good one, in order to detect Antivirus Suite, on your computer system. You need to know that Antivirus Suite was created in order to obtain your money, invade your privacy as well as cause you many unwanted computer problems.

In non-techie terms

Antivirus Suite may gain access to your machine, without your knowledge or consent. It will automatically install itself onto your machine and may start up, each time that you boot up your computer. Antivirus Suite may proceed to run a fake system scan, which will generate terrifying results. If you get warned that you have all types of computer threats running on your machine, don’t believe any of it as it is one big scam. The only real threat which you have on your machine is Antivirus Suite itself.

Aliases: AntivirusSuite, rogue.Antivirus Suite, rogue.AntivirusSuite, fake.Antivirus Suite.