Antivirus Protection Trial Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Protection Trial is?

“Innovative protection for your PC” – says the light blue interface of Antivirus Protection Trial, and everything would be nice if only it was true. Sadly, Antivirus Protection Trial is only a rogue antispyware application which has been created to rip you off. It comes from the same family of rogues as AV Security Suite and Antivirus Soft. The job of this rogue is to trick you into believing that it is a reliable security program, and then convince you into buying the license for it. If that weren’t enough, on the way to achieve its goal Antivirus Protection Trial also damages your computer.

The most popular way for this rogue to arrive at your doorstep is through fake online malware scanners. While you browse the Internet you might encounter various fraudulent pages telling you that you have been infected by malware and you need to download this amazing security program to perform a full system scan. Were you to follow these instructions, you would get Antivirus Protection Trial in no time, and then the real problems begin.

When this rogue is installed in your computer it performs a fake system scan, which is a staple move of any rogue application out there. Afterwards it gives you a list of the threats “found” in your computer. Needless to say, that these errors and viruses do not exist in your computer. These viruses are generated by Antivirus Protection Trial itself. The program lies to you about your computer’s condition so that you would panic and then spend your money on this absolutely worthless application without any second thought.

But you should not follow this rogue’s instructions. By doing that you would expose your bank account and your personal information for the further abuse by cyber criminals. Before you know, you will be robbed and left without a single penny. In order to avoid such consequences you must ignore every single security notification you receive from Antivirus Protection Trial, and then terminate the rogue as soon as you can. Allowing this software application to stay in your computer can cause detrimental damage to your system. Get yourself a reliable security tool and destroy Antivirus Protection Trial once and for all.

In non techie terms:

Antivirus Protection Trial is a rogue antispyware application which masquerades as a legal security program. This piece of software was created to rip unsuspecting users off. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need to remove Antivirus Protection Trial from your computer right now.

Aliases: AntivirusProtection.