Antivirus Pro 2010 Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Pro 2010 is?

Antivirus Pro 2010 is a rogue application that comes from the same family as the XP AntiSpyware 2009 application. These types of programs use deceiving methods to force you into purchasing a full version of the Antivirus Pro 2010 making you think that you need it to remove some type of computer infection.

Antivirus Pro 2010 is designed to automatically scan your computer once it is installed. Installation of Antivirus Pro 2010 usually comes about from the infection of a Trojan horse or browser hijacker. Once on your computer, Antivirus Pro 2010 will perform misleading actions such as a fake system scan the returns falsified results, all in an attempt to get you to purchase a full version of Antivirus Pro 2010.

In non-techie terms:
Antivirus Pro 2010 is not an application that is capable of detecting or eliminating computer issues or security problems. Antivirus Pro 2010 must never be downloaded or installed for any reason. Antivirus Pro 2010 is not recommended to be used as a security application.

Aliases: Antivirus Pro 2010, AntivirusPro 2010, AntivirusPro2010.