Antivirus Plasma Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Plasma is?

Antivirus Plasma is a faux security program that does not provide any additional security features or functions for your computer. As we thought, Antivirus Plasma is nothing more than another rogue application that performs various malicious actions to get computer users to purchase the Antivirus Plasma program. Disappointment is all you will get because there is not real full version of Antivirus Plasma.

Antivirus Plasma should not be trusted for your security needs. If Antivirus Plasma is installed on your system then you may notice a large number of popups or alert notifications bombarding you. Antivirus Plasma was found to come from (do not visit) or possibly a Trojan infection through a fake video codec download.

In non-techie terms: Purchasing Antivirus Plasma is like purchasing a plasma TV at full price with a cracked screen, pretty much useless and a waste of money. Antivirus Plasma should be removed at once to prevent damage or serious security issues on your computer.

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Aliases: Antivirus Plasma, AntivirusPlasma,, Antivirus Plasma 1.3.1.