AntivirusPCSuite Removal Guide

Do you know what AntivirusPCSuite is?

AntivirusPCSuite (Antivirus PC Suite) is a continuation of hackers' ability to create malicious programs that are found to be rogue anti-spyware programs. AntivirusPCSuite or Antivirus PC Suite is not your typical security suite but rather a ploy to take your money in return for a junk program.

AntivirusPCSuite can be put into the same category as to the likings of many very dangerous rogue anti-spyware programs from the past such as SpyLocked and ContraVirus. AntivirusPCSuite may startup when Windows boots causing several popups or alert messages that will continue to annoy you until AntivirusPCSuite is completely removed from your system.

In non-techie terms: AntivirusPCSuite should never be purchased or installed. You should also never visit any website related to AntivirusPCSuite such as which could promote the purchase and download of the AntivirusPCSuite program. AntivirusPCSuite is a serious threat to the security of your computer which may store your personal information.

AntivirusPCSuite says that "your system is in danger" - Yea, because AntivirusPCSuite is a dangerous program!

Aliases: Antivirus PC Suite,, Antivirus-PC-Suite.

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