Antivirus .NET Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus .NET is?

Despite the best of intentions by the online security industry, many PC owners continue to fall prey to the deceptive lies of rogue antispyware applications like Antivirus .NET. This harmful rogue emanates from the same pit of disparity such as well known and highly despised rogues Antivirus Action and Antivirus Scan.  Antivirus .NET will do everything in its power to convince its victim that it is a genuine and powerful security tool. Do not fall for its clever lies and sneaky tricks, destroy Antivirus .NET before it destroys your system.

Antivirus .NET is delivered to PCs via fake online malware scanners and harmful browser hijackers. These browser hijacking domains forcefully redirects users browsing and search sessions to their compromised sites. Once the user lands on these homepages, his system and browser vulnerabilities will instantly be under attack so as to allow the Antivirus .NET to take root in the system.

What makes Antivirus .NET even more difficult to detect initially is the fact that it will remain dormant on the system until such time that it will reveal itself to the user through making use of various fake security alerts. All of the fake security messages generated by Antivirus .NET is without merit and should not enjoy any attention from the user. Included in these fake security messages Antivirus .NET will surreptitiously insert sneaky calls to action. These calls to action were designed to make it easier for Antivirus .NET to take advantage of the trusting nature of many PC owners. Do not act on any call to action received by this insidious rogue, but instead delete Antivirus .NET as a matter of urgency.

Antivirus .NET was not designed to be of any benefit to any infected PC, and is an infection in itself. It does not have any ability to detect, quarantine or remove any infections, and will only be a hindrance to the good functioning of a computer system.

In order to avoid the certain destruction which follows any Antivirus .NET infection, take drastic steps to remove Antivirus .NET from the system. Do this by making use of a genuine security tool which will not only obliterate Antivirus .NET from the system but also offer future protection against similar threats and attacks.

In non techie terms:

Antivirus .NET is a fake security application only out to rip you off. It is for this reason that you cannot ever trust this insidious rogue. Eliminate Antivirus .NET to protect your system against these cyber criminals.

Aliases: Antivirus.NET.