Antivirus Center Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Center is?

Countless threats face PC owners in keeping their systems safe, and it has become crucial to have a powerful security tool protecting your system from threats such as Antivirus Center. This Antivirus Center rogue antispyware derives from the same despicable family of rogues as Antimalware Tool and Internet Protection. It was not designed to offer any type of benefit to a PC, but instead to rip naïve and unsuspecting consumers off.

Antivirus Center enters the system under suspicious circumstances. This is achieved by making use of surreptitious infection tactics such as bogus online malware scanners and dangerous browser hijacking websites. Of late there are reports that Antivirus Center uses Adobe Flash software updates to distribute its infections. Once it roots itself in the system Antivirus Center will be configured to start each time Windows boots up.

As a first line of attack on the system Antivirus Center will start an unwarranted system security scan, and report on various crippling infections on the system. Some of the falsely reported threats will include threats such as Trojan: Win32/Hiltoi.gen!A, Spyware: Win32/CrisMin, TrojanDownloader: Win32/Renos.JI and Worm: Win32/Conficker.B.

What is more, Antivirus Center will proceed to spam its victims with various fake security messages informing them of severe infections on the PC. These fake security alerts were designed to panic users into thinking their systems are either compromised, or being attacked. Antivirus Center will propose that is has the ability to protect the system against these attacks, but only once the user pays for an Antivirus Center license. Users are strongly urged never to believe any correspondence received from Antivirus Center, and to accept everything Antivirus Center has to say as extremely suspect.

At the end of the day you will only be able to regain control of your PC if you get rid of Antivirus Center immediately. This can best be achieved by investing in a genuine security tool which will not only obliterate Antivirus Center but also protect your system against similar future attacks.

In non techie terms:

Antivirus Center is a fake security tool out to fleece you out of your money while not delivering on any of its promises. Take back control of your PC and destroy Antivirus Center while there is still time.

Aliases: AntivirusCenter