Antivirus Action Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Action is?

Do not be fooled by Antivirus Action. Antivirus Action is a rogue antispyware application out to corrupt users’ systems and steal personal identifiable information from users. PC owners who are fooled into thinking Antivirus Action is a legitimate security tool will expose their systems to serious risk by downloading this rogueware.

Systems infected with Antivirus Action are predisposed to other serious infections as well. This is because Antivirus Action will exploit security flaws in the system, which will open the pathway to other infections.  It is easy to be fluked by Antivirus Action and to believe it to be legitimate application due to its authentic looking user interfaces.

What makes Antivirus Action especially dangerous is the fact that it can enter a system without the consent of the user by way of exploitive Trojans. The only way to combat and remove Antivirus Action is through running proper antivirus and antispyware applications on the system.

In non techie terms:

it means that Antivirus Action poses a serious risk to the health of your PC. Remove Antivirus Action from your system the moment it’s discovered with legitimate antispyware applications.

Aliases: AntivirusAction.