Antivirus 360 Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus 360 is?

Antivirus 360 is another rogue anti-spyware program that is named to trick users into thinking that it is related to a well-known security tool such as Norton 360. Antivirus 360 is nothing like Norton or any other reputable security tool. The Zlob Trojan may be responsible for installing the Antivirus 360 program onto computers over the internet without the permission of the computer operator.

Antivirus 360 is basically 360 degrees of utter destruction. When Antivirus 360 is installed it will promote the purchase of the full version through scare tactics usually from popups and fake alert messages. The Antivirus 360 messages usually tell you that it is identified or found an infecting or error on your system. These messages are totally bogus and cannot be trusted.

In non-techie terms:
Antivirus 360 cannot be trusted. Antivirus 360 should never be installed or purchased under any circumstances. If you install Antivirus 360 you may risk damaging your computer. You may notice that your system no longer runs at full speed or you may loose data if you install Antivirus 360. Antivirus 360 may go as far as marking other normal windows files as parasites. Do not fall for these tricks. Remove Antivirus 360 and save yourself from having damaged computer.

Aliases: Antivirus 360, Antivirus360, A360.

  • roger

    it showed up as nortons antivirus for me (which i donthave that)
    delete it from your program files

  • lisa

    I am almost afraid to say this worked, but so far so good.

    One note - when i did the redit scan, the AV360 files in the directory "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software" started with 646, not 133 as noted above. My suggestion is to look at any file beginning with numbers.


  • Adrian

    Thanks for the Antivirus 360 removal utility. Much appreciated.

  • Scott

    Thanks for the removal program, I didnt know what was going on for a second there.

  • Carlita Lawson

    God Bless You!!
    This article was very helpful. I had the Antivirus 360 on my computer and it was just frustrating and horrible.

    I could not remove it from the control panel programs, it was not listed. I could not even delete the file from the Window Explorer, the program was being used by other applications. And I could not get rid of it off the Tool Manager.

    Going through Task Manager and ending the .exe is the way that I end the program and then deleted into the recycle bin and emptied the recycle bin.

    So "Thank you" for supply the instructions. And please continuing to get the word out about these different viruses.

  • Andy

    Thank you VERY much.... I followed your notes, ran the removal utility AND even performing the MANUAL steps (just to be sure), I found everything you specified, and the Antivirus 360 is GONE for good!

    I am impressed with your work, I thank you dearly!

    Way to go - keep up the good work beating the cyber junkies!