AntiSpyware Protector Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiSpyware Protector is?

AntiSpyware Protector or Anti-Spyware Protector, is a disturbing rogue anti-spyware program. AntiSpyware Protector is known to use deceiving tactics persuading you to purchase a full version of AntiSpyware Protector.

AntiSpyware Protector in the free version claims that it is able to protect your computer or even detect and remove malware parasites. AntiSpyware Protector does not do this even if you purchase a license for the full version of AntiSpyware Protector.

In non-techie terms:
AntiSpyware Protector may come from a Trojan or malicious website that promotes or distributes rogue anti-spyware programs. Just like other fake anti-spyware applications, AntiSpyware Protector is a complete waste of time and money. Do not ever purchase this garbage under any circumstances or you may be very sorry that you wasted your hard earned money.

Aliases: AntiSpyware Protector, Anti-Spyware Protector, AntiSpywareProtector.