AntiSpyPro Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiSpyPro is?

AntiSpyPro is a rogue anti-spyware application that can be downloaded and installed manually onto users' system by trojans such as Zlob. AntiSpyPro displays exaggerated security alerts in an attempt to trick you into purchasing the full AntiSpyPro version. AntiSpyPro error message states that your computer is infected with spyware and that you need to download AntiSpyPro to solve your problem.

AntiSpyPro allows you to perform a scan, which presents you an exaggerated error report. After seeing the report, the user is prompted to purchase the full version of the program in order to clean the false errors.

The Truth (in non-techie terms): Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Do not click on AntiSpyPro fake security messages.

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