AntiMalwareSuite Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiMalwareSuite is?

AntiMalwareSuite (Anti Malware Suite) is a fake anti-spyware program designed to confuse computer users into thinking that Anti Malware Suite will remove malware and protect your computer from malware. That is a bold-faced lie because Anti Malware Suite is only good for taking your money in return for annoying popups and messages constantly appearing on your computer screen.

When you think of a program suite or suite of programs you may automatically think that the application is part of something trustworthy. Not so with Anti Malware Suite, it is more or less a piece of junk that scans your computer displaying fake results attempting to get you to spend your money foolishly on the full Anti Malware Suite program.

In non-techie terms: Anti Malware Suite should never be installed or purchased under any circumstances. Anti Malware Suite will disappoint you and waste your time if you ever install it. If you have Anti Malware Suite installed right now then you may need to read below on how to uninstall and remove Anti Malware Suite.

Aliases: AntiMalwareSuite, AntiMalware Suite, Anti Malware Suite.

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