AntiMalware PRO Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiMalware PRO is?

AntiMalware PRO is a program hiding behind the identity of a software application that is designed to remove spyware from your computer. AntiMalware PRO is basically more rogue anti-spyware.

AntiMalware PRO has been traced from a Trojan infection and malicious websites such as it's own web page. AntiMalware PRO, once installed, performs various devious actions to get computer users to buy the AntiMalware PRO software. Although you should never purchase AntiMalware PRO it may have already installed onto your system without your permission.

In non-techie terms: You may know that you have AntiMalware PRO installed once you start getting popups and system scans that you did not authorize. AntiMalware PRO has the ability to damage your system so it goes without saying that you should remove it ASAP. Do not ever purchase or install the AntiMalware PRO under any circumstances.

AntiMalware PRO screen shot image:

Aliases: AntiMalware PRO, AntiMalwarePRO,, Anti-malware Pro. website image: