AntiAID Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiAID is?

AntiAID is the latest in rogue applications Hailing from large group of rogue security applications currently being spread across the internet, such as SystemVeteran, System Fighter, Block Keeper, Block Watcher, Shield Safeness, Trust Cop, Secure Warrior, Secure Fighter, Security Fighter, Safety Keeper and many more. AntiAID also known as AntiAID tends to mislead computer users into thinking their system has been infected with a variety of PC threats and viruses, by inundating the user's system with warning messages and pop-up alert notifications.

In non-techie terms:
AntiAID will exhibit a fictitious system scanner, so as to provide even more evidence of its validity, bear in mind - all of the above tactics are falsified and is merely a means to ensure their (the hackers who designed the tool) objective of stealing money from unsuspecting users is met. While AntiAID insists that it is a legitimate application, it makes use of dubious tactics and has been proven to be a rogue application. It is advised to remove all traces of AntiAID, as soon as it has been detected on any PC system.

Aliases: Anti AID, Anti.AID