AntiAdd Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiAdd is?

AntiAdd is a horrible and deceptive rogue antispyware application that will steal your money. This parasite is another rogue anti spyware application which belongs to the numerous RESpyWare REAnti, KeepCop, AntiAID family. Unless you want your money to be stolen, want horrible computer problems and want your privacy invaded, it is best that you try and avoid the malicious AntiAdd at literally all costs. AntiAdd is dangerous for both your computer and your bank balance. It may seem that AntiAdd only has good intentions but this is exactly what AntiAdd wants you to believe.

In non-techie terms:
Do not under any circumstances buy any full versions of AntiAdd for if you do, you will have fallen for AntiAdd‘s trick. If you suspect that you may have AntiAdd running on your machine, then you need to remove it immediately. You have the option of the manual removal process or alternatively the automatic removal process. You need to be aware of the factor that if you decide to choose the manual removal process, the risks are very high of you causing even more additional damage to your computer.

Aliases: Anti.Add, Anti Add, rogue.AntiAdd.