Anti-Virus Number 1 Removal Guide

Do you know what Anti-Virus Number 1 is?

Anti-Virus Number 1 may be a program that could be downloaded for free but it comes with much more than you bargained for because of its malicious actions. Anti-Virus Number 1 is nothing more than another fake anti-spyware program.

Anti-Virus Number 1 performs many malicious actions such as editing or changing registry entries or popping-up up fake alert messages that attempt to notify you of a bogus infection. Anti-Virus Number 1 is known to load at Windows startup and then starts to scan your system for parasites. The problem with Anti-Virus Number 1's scan is that it is not legitimate. The parasites that it finds are really not on your computer, they are made up.

In non-techie terms:
Anti-Virus Number 1 may be a serious threat to the security of your computer. Anti-Virus Number 1 may also be a clone or another version of Anti-Virus-1 or Antivirus 2010 which are both rogue anti-spyware programs. It is best to take immediate action to remove Anti-Virus Number 1 before your personal information is compromised or stolen through Anti-Virus Number 1's malicious actions.

Aliases: Anti-Virus Number 1, AntiVirus Number 1, Anti-Virus Number1, Anti-VirusNumber1, AntiVirusNumber1.

  • John Currie

    Dont you just hate these damn virus' -.-

  • http://PlimusSales John Dee

    Paid $89.00 and as a result have been unable to use my pc. I fell that I have just lost the &89.00. I've been unable to contact the co. that I paid the $ to. whenever I try it shuts my pc down. I would appreciate any help that you can give me.