Anti-Malware Lab Removal Guide

Do you know what Anti-Malware Lab is?

Anti-Malware Lab is a fake antivirus program which is very good at pretending to be a constitutional part of your operating system. Even though it says that it can give an ultimate protection, Anti-Malware Lab is nothing, but a malicious threat which can damage your computer to the point of no return. It is not the first such rogue in line. There have been PC Security Guardian, Best Malware Protection, My Security Shield and other fraudulent applications before Anti-Malware Lab. The connection between these rogues is obvious from their similar interfaces.

The newest rogue in the family spreads rather fast, because it has a big distribution network. Spam email messages and the so-called “blackhat SEO” technique are also used in infecting as many computers as possible with Anti-Malware Lab. You might be searching for pictures on the Internet, and get infected with this rogue, if the picture you click on is infected with a Trojan which spreads the infection. The creativity of the criminals behind Anti-Malware Lab has no boundaries.

You will notice at once that Anti-Malware Lab is in your computer, because it will pop into action performing a fake system scan. You will also see that the interface of this program in its layout is very similar to your operating system’s interface. It is supposed to make Anti-Malware Lab seem more reliable, but do not fall for this. The program might recommend you to get “ultimate protection against Identity Theft, Viruses, Malware and other threats” by activating Anti-Malware Lab. But the truth is that it only causes a lot of problems in your system and then acts as if it can offer solution for difficulties you are experiencing.

If you pay for the full version of Anti-Malware Lab the fake security messages and the viruses will “disappear” from your computer, but you should keep in mind that they never were really there. Everything was generated by Anti-Malware Lab itself in order to scare you. Instead of paying for this malicious program, you should use this code to activate it:


With the program “activated” it will be a lot easier to delete it from your system. You can remove Anti-Malware Lab manually, but if you are not confident of your computing skills then acquire a legitimate antispyware program and terminate the rogue automatically. Using a program in removing Anti-Malware Lab will also safeguard your computer against future rogue attacks.

In non-techie terms:

Anti-Malware Lab is a rogue antispyware application which pretends to be a reliable antivirus program. It wants to rip you off and damage your computer, so you must erase Anti-Malware Lab from your system at once.

Aliases: AntiMalware Lab.