AngryKite Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what AngryKite Ransomware is?

AngryKite Ransomware may try to trick users by showing them a fake system alert claiming the computer is at risk and the only way to avoid damage is to call the provided telephone number. In reality, the pop-up is displayed by the malicious application, so if you dial 1-855-545-6800, you may contact the malware’s creators. Pretending to be members from the support, they could try to convince users to pay for their offered products or services. Needless to say, it could be perilous as the cyber criminals might not keep up to their promises or make matters even worse. Also, you should know that if you see the alert, your personal data is most likely already encrypted and unusable. Deleting the infection cannot restore such damage, but we are still advising to do this if you do not want to give your money to AngryKite Ransomware’s creators. Users who require a removal guide should slide below the main text and follow the provided steps.

So far we have discovered the malware might be distributed with Spam emails. For example, the victim could receive a letter with an attached photograph, document, invoice, or other files. Consequently, you should pay more attention to emails sent by someone you do not know, even if it looks like the letter arrived from an official institution. Compared to the damage a single infected file can cause, scanning the attachment with a legitimate antimalware tool or double-checking the sender's email address does not seem like an inconvenience at all. Thus, if you have any irreplaceable data on the computer, it would be wise to take some extra precautions. Additionally, we would advise users to backup their files as often as possible and keep a reputable security tool on the system.

It looks like AngryKite Ransomware can work right from the directory where the malicious file was downloaded and launched. In other words, the infection does not place any other data on the victim’s computer. At first, the malware should search for files it can encrypt and make such data unusable. Our researchers say the malicious application might replace the files' it enciphers titles with random strings of letters and numbers. Plus, it might place .NumberDot instead of the original file’s extension. Afterward, AngryKite Ransomware should show you a fake alert saying “Your system may have found (2) malicious viruses Rootkit.Encrypt & Trojan.Spyware” or something similar. It might also instruct you to contact the people behind the threat: “Please call immediately to avoid further damage Toll free 1-855-545-6800.”AngryKite Ransomware Removal GuideAngryKite Ransomware screenshot
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As you realize, the cyber criminals could try to convince you they can be trusted, for example, they may introduce as certified Microsoft technicians and so on. We cannot know for sure what their goals could be, but we believe they might try to get your money while offering to fix the computer remotely or purchase antimalware products. There is even a possibility the cyber criminals could offer to decrypt damaged data or promise to provide you with a decryption tool. However, it would most likely cost you some money, not to mention there are no guarantees they would keep up to their word. Therefore, we advise users not to trust the infection’s creators and eliminate the malicious application instead.

AngryKite Ransomware can be erased manually while following the removal guide place below, but if the task looks too complicated, you can always download a reliable security tool too. With the antimalware software you can scan the whole system; meaning, you could get rid of other possible threats at the same time as well.

Remove AngryKite Ransomware

  1. Press Windows Key+E.
  2. Locate the listed directories:
  3. Find the malicious file that allowed the infection to settle in, right-click this file and press Delete.
  4. Exit the File Explorer and empty your Recycle bin.
  5. Restart the system.

In non-techie terms:

AngryKite Ransomware is a malicious program that enciphers user’s data and then pretends to be a legitimate application, which detected the malware and can help the user to protect the system. It does so by showing the victim a fake system alert. What gives away the pop-up is fictitious is the provided telephone number as it does not seem to belong to Microsoft or any other reputable companies. If you dial the provided number, you might get to talk to the infection’s creators or their associates. Needless to say, this might be hazardous as inexperienced users could believe what these people are saying and lose their money or reveal sensitive data to the cyber criminals. Thus, we advise users not to take any risks and erase the infection manually with the instructions placed above or with a legitimate antimalware tool of their choice.