Android FBI Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Android FBI Virus is?

Malicious programs locking Windows computer screens are not new as well as malware aimed at Android OS. Android FBI Virus is the latest malicious infection which blocks the user’s access to his/her files by displaying a full-screen ransom warning. The warning displayed by the Android FBI Virus suggests that the user’s access to the files is restricted by the FBI due to some violations related to the use of copyrighted material and distribution or viewing of prohibited pornographic content. These allegations are typical of any ransomware infections, and it is crucial to ignore them because the ransom warning is displayed in an attempt to obtain a certain amount of money. In the case of the Adroid FBI Virus, the ransom fee is $300 USD.Android FBI Virus Removal GuideAndroid FBI Virus screenshot
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This latest infection that demands money on behalf of the FBI was detected by Sophos and was identify as Adr/FBILock_A. The program enters the Android as a Flash Player application, and you should bear in mind that Android does not support Flash support.

As soon as the program gets installed, the deceptive warning is displayed. Below you will find an excerpt from one of the screens:

To unlock you device and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release free of $300. Payable through GreenDot MoneyPak (you have to purchase MoneyPak card. Load it with $300 and enter the code). You can buy the card at any store or gas station, payzone or paypoint.

Poorly written warnings signify that there is something questionable about the authenticity of the warnings, and we strongly recommend that you ignore such ransom messages because you have no guarantee that, after paying up, the warning will be removed from the screen of your device.

Another famous piece of ransomware is called Koler.A. This ransomware infection also uses the name of the FBI to obtain victims’ money. The infection is associated with the Trojan horse Reveton, which was extremely active in 2012 and 2013. The Android version associated with the Reveton Trojan enters a mobile device as a media player, and the user has to tap the Install button to get the program. The infection spreads via pornographic websites, and, if you want to bypass highly dangerous threats, you should be more careful when browsing questionable websites. The removal of the Koler infection is not difficult because the program can be eliminated from the device by either using the uninstall control or booting the device in safe mode and uninstalling the malicious application. It is known that the Koler infection is installed as BaDoink, and, when you access safe mode, you have to uninstall this program.

How to access safe mode and remove Android FBI viruses

  1. Long-press the power button.
  2. Select Safe mode.
  3. Remove the unwanted app.

In case this method does not work, try the following:

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Switch it on and press the volume up and volume down buttons.
  3. Keep the buttons pressed.
  4. When the home screen loads, you should see a safe mode overlay at the lower part of the screen.

In non-techie terms:

The term Android FBI Virus is a rather generic term used to refer to ransomware infections displaying fake warnings on the behalf of the FBI. The FBI is a respectable institution, and it would never attempt to contact you and provide you with accusations via the computer or mobile device. It is crucial to ignore all the malicious warnings that seem to be associated with the FBI and remove infections from your device.