Alfa Defender Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Unlimited Defender is?

Alfa Defender Pro is definitely NOT what it pretends to be. It is a fake antivirus program that is very similar to all the other rogue antispyware applications out there. Alfa Defender Pro comes forth with intention to rip you off by making it seem that you are paying for a legitimate piece of software. This rogue antispyware confuses users by displaying fake security notifications and messages about viruses and other types of malware residing in the affected computers. As far as security experts know, Alfa Defender Pro does not have the ability to detect and delete computer threats.

You might also encounter Alfa Defender Pro under the name of Alfa Defender Pro 2011. It is promoted by this name at website. This is a fraudulent webpage that has been created by criminals in the RBN with intention to spread Alfa Defender Pro among computer users worldwide. Needless to say, that is no the only way for this rogue to spread. Alfa Defender Pro is also known to have entered computer system via Trojan infections. This rogue does not need your permission to download and install itself onto your system. What is more, it uses rootkits to hide its malicious presence from your computer’s security application.

When Alfa Defender Pro is up and running, just like any other rogue, it will flood you with all types of fake security notifications, including:

Alfa Defender Pro

Firewall Alert!

Scanning of your system is currently on, please waiting until the end. Your system affected by numerous virus attacks.

This message is fake and very poorly devised so you should by no means believe in anything what Alfa Defender Pro says to you. The main objective of this rogue is to acquire your credit card information by pushing you into buying the “full version” of the program. Keep your credit card to yourself, because if you give away its number and the CVV2 code cyber criminals will be able to illegally access your account. If you already have done that, contact your credit card company and inform them about the possible security breach. Next, erase Alfa Defender Pro from your computer using a reliable antispyware tool; otherwise this rogue will continue to damage your computer.

In non-techie terms:

Alfa Defender Pro is a fake antivirus program that comes across as a legitimate security application. Unfortunately, this rogue only wants to steal your money, so you need to remove Alfa Defender Pro manually or automatically as soon as possible. Automatic removal is recommended to users who are not very well-versed in computers.

Aliases: Alfa Defender, AlfaDefenderPro