Alert: Spammers Taking Advantage of Current Economic Events

With today's slumping economy and extremely high gas prices, spammers are using this time for self gain by exploiting computer users through messages using inherent economic terms. The current economic terms that people will pay more attention too are ones such as "free gas", "gas cards", "get more miles per gallon out of your car" and "lower your mortgage now". During America's hard economic times we all give a second look at something that would save us money so we can afford to fill our gas tank. Simply put, spammers are getting a lot of response and victims falling in the trap that they have set out for common computer users.

Spammers at one time tried to capitalize on economic stimulus payments by offering people the ability to "do more" with their stimulus check. Many times the title of an email from a spammer may prompt your attention if you believe you can possibly make your money mysteriously grow. This is when your judgment comes into play where you cannot allow yourself to resort to clicking on links in email messages in thinking it will make you rich by investing your stimulus money. This is a common case where if it sounds too good to be true then it is. Don't fall for it.

Gas prices are on most people's minds these days and we are looking for an alternative even if it is making some extra money somehow. Spammers are offering other means of paying for a tank of gas by the title of some of the recent spam messages. Some of the messages may read on how you can get a free gas card or how to pay for a service to improve your gas mileage. These messages are only to get your spend even more of your money on a lost cause. You will be in worst shape if you fall for the spam message because you may actually lose your money instead of gain.

During our economic down-turn we must all use our common sense. We must realize there are many criminals trying to earn money the wrong way and they will do it at any expense such as through spam messages. We recommend you utilizing spam filtering tools and anti-spyware software to ward off attacks from spammers and hackers.

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