Agent.btz Virus and SillyFDC Worm Prompts DOD Ban of Removable Storage Devices

Agent.btz Virus and SillyFDC Worm Prompts Department Of Defense Ban of USB Drives, CD's and other removable storage devices.

Some time ago we posted an article about the US Army Banning USB Drives Due To a Worm Threat. It seems not only the Army is banning use of removable storage devices, but the Department of Defense is following suit. That means all personnel from the pentagon to military service-men are instructed to cease using flash drives/USB drives, CD's, and any other source of removable media.

Agent.btz Virus and SillyFDC Worm are the culprits in causing this ban which started with the US Army and now seems to have caught onto the Department of Defense. The SillyFDC Worm is well known as an infection that mainly spreads through removable media. Security researchers will warn users of thousands of infections or viruses that can be spread through removable media. The dangers or a parasite on a form of removable media is that it may potentially be spread to every system that a person uses the media device on. That is not a good situation when DOD personnel utilize many systems within their own network.

Why a Department Of Defense Ban Now?

Basically, the ban has been put in place as a preemptive measure to avoid spreading this infection which could potentially lead to military security issues. This worm infection will replicate itself when any type of removable media is introduced to an infected computer. With the action of the Army and DOD it should reduce the threat and keep it under control as it has not caused any serious issues as of yet.

The Agent.btz or SillyFDC worm infections are not limited to just government computers but anyone who uses a PC. Introducing removable media to any computer that you may suspect being infected with a virus or worm is very risky. Your media device may infected every system that it is plugged into. It is best to remove the SillyFDC worm infection by following the steps below.

Aliases: SillyFDC Worm, Agent.btz Virus.