ADWARE/bProtect.D virus Removal Guide

Do you know what ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is?

ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is an adware helper that can get to your computer alongside browser extensions, toolbars, and other applications. ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is also known as Search Protect, Browser Defender, and Browser Protector. Very often this application is installed by Conduit browser extensions that bear the name of Community Toolbar. For example, if you install Travelocity Toolbar, you will find that Search Protect by conduit is presented on the Programs and Features list. Do not think that the computer is infected for you have granted permission for installing ADWARE/bProtect.D virus on your PC.

ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is related to browserdefender.exe, whose function is to inform you about the third-parties’ attempts to alter the settings of your browsers. With this file on your browsers you may be exposed to unwanted advertisements and suspicious links, which you should ignore. It is advisable to ignore them for they might take you to insecure websites. In case you access some web page advertised on the search results page, you should not disclose your personal information there if you are not sure whether you can trust the website. Another file which is affiliated to ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is browse~1.dll, which is likely to be installed as a browser helper object on your Internet Explorer.

If you have found browserprotect.exe, browserdefender.exe, or some other file that has been installed along with an unwanted toolbar, not only do you have to stop the process but also uninstall the unwanted application.

However, it is not enough to remove ADWARE/bProtect.D virus. Your system should be protected from various potentially unwanted programs, which you can do be implementing a reliable spyware removal tool. Our malware researchers recommend that you use SpyHunter as this application can easily remove ADWARE/bProtect.D virus and guard you against various computer threats. Moreover, having installed the recommended spyware one your computer, you will find that you do not have to launch systems scans as they are launched automatically, so act right now if you want save your time and money, and browse the Internet safely.

In non-techie terms:

ADWARE/bProtect.D virus is an unwanted application which can be attached to various free programs. Its function is to update toolbars and generate advertisements and various links, which is why the removal of this adware application is highly recommended.

Aliases: bProtect.D.