Advanced Virus Remover Removal Guide & Information

Do you know what Advanced Virus Remover is?

Advanced Virus Remover is a fake computer parasite remover program designed to use aggressive techniques to force computer users into purchasing a full version of the deceitful application. Advanced Virus Remover, once installed, attempts to scare you into thinking that you have multiple computer infections. Not only are the warnings and popup alerts from Advanced Virus Remover fake, but the full version of Advanced Virus Remover does nothing extra from the free version to "fix" any of the issues.

Advanced Virus Remover may be installed through a Trojan infection without asking for permission or downloaded from the website. Advanced Virus Remover may also scan your system returning several parasite results which are all fake.

In non-techie terms:
Advanced Virus Remover is basically a rogue anti-spyware program. Having Advanced Virus Remover on your system could risk damage or compromising personal information. It is very important to never purchase the Advanced Virus Remover application or you would have wasted your money on a bogus program. website image:

Aliases: Advanced Virus Remover, AdvancedVirus Remover, Advanced VirusRemover, AdvancedVirusRemover,

  • Dale

    Great article, very informative and helpful. Is there a website that actually lists safe spyware removal software programmes ?


  • Joel

    Very helpful - thanks! This thing was driving me crazy.