AdvancedPrivacyGuard Removal Guide

Do you know what AdvancedPrivacyGuard is?

AdvancedPrivacyGuard is a foul program that presents computer users with popup messages and system scans that makes it look like several parasites or spyware infections were found on your system. Advanced Privacy Guard or AdvancedPrivacyGuard is more or less a fake anti-spyware program.

Rogue anti-spyware programs like AdvancedPrivacyGuard make false promises of being able to "fix" your computer of resolve issues from spyware. AdvancedPrivacyGuard is only advanced in the field of taking people's money for a stupid program that does not do anything good for you.

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In non-techie terms: If one day you find out that you have AdvancedPrivacyGuard and you know that you did not authorize the installation of it them you may have a Trojan infection. Sometimes Trojans such as Zlob and Vundo install rogues like AdvancedPrivacyGuard without permission. If you are lucky enough to make a choice, do not voluntarily install or purchase AdvancedPrivacyGuard.

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