Advanced PC Shield 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what Advanced PC Shield 2012 is?

Advanced PC Shield 2012 is a fake security program which looks and behaves like a real antivirus program, but it is very far from being it. This application is something that is called rogue antispyware and it means that this program infects your computer and damages your system with intension to steal your money. You might not believe it, but a computer infection can actually rip you off to the very last cent if you are not careful about it.

The rogue gets distributed over the internet in various means as it has a wide network of distribution. It can be downloaded by a Trojan that is already residing in your computer, or you can accidentally trigger its download while clicking on an infected flash advertisement on the web. Either way, Advanced PC Shield 2012 does not need to your permission to get into your computer.

Once it settles down, the rogue does quite a few things – it slows down your computer, sends you a ton of fake security alerts, performs a fake system scan and blocks you from running your favorite programs with an excuse that they are infected and you need to shut them down to keep your system safe. Here is the message that comes together with the blocking of a program:

Application has been attacked with the virus!
Advanced PC Shield 2012 detect "GMER" corrupted by "Backdoor.Destroy"
Click here for immediately security scan.

The name of the Backdoor given is very generic and the message is not very informative, but it can surely sound very dangerous if you are not very well versed in computers. Whatever you do, do not follow the instructions given to you by Advanced PC Shield 2012, because in the end you will expose your credit card number, expiration date and the CVV2 code to a third party and your money will be stolen from you. When that happens, you will having no one else but yourself to blame for it.

Instead, you should close Advanced PC Shield 2012 and make sure that you get rid of this program, because your computer slows down to the point of no return. Remove Advance PC Shield 2012 with a reliable antimalware program and protect your system against similar threats in the future, because there are hundreds of rogues threatening you every single day when you browse the Internet.

In non-techie terms:

Advanced PC Shield 2012 is a fake computer security program that is a dangerous PC infection. This program can lure your financial information from you at the same time damaging your computer’s system. You need to erase Advanced PC Shield 2012 from your computer at once if you want to avoid the ultimate system crash.

Aliases: Advanced PC Shield.