A Safe Place On MySpace

MySpace.com and social networking sites safety plans coming soon?

MySpace.com and law enforcement authorities are working together to create new plans and safety measures to make MySpace.com a safer environment. Somehow in this plan MySpace.com will contest against harmful content such as harassment, cyber bullying, identity theft, pornography and others in an effort to educate it's users of these online threats.

In today's internet world online threats present themselves through popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook in effort to infiltrate or infect a big audience of internet users. The ultimate goals of some hackers that create the online threats is to make money. Similar to hackers, criminals on myspace.com are out to harm users by use of harmful content and unjust communication for some type of self pleasure or gratification. In both situations security holes are present for others to attack you with harmful words, graphic martial, and viruses making your life a living hell.

Until new security measures are put in place on myspace.com and other social networking sites you can take steps to protect minors and users from harmful content and online threats.

Social Networking Website Tips: Do not give out your personal information to anyone nor list any private information on your profile. Guard your password - do not give it out to anyone under any circumstances. Do not excessively click on popups or various links that look suspicious. Try not to take all personal comments at face value from friends over the social networking website. Locate and learn where to submit complaints of any user who may be harassing, bullying, or compromising your user account. It may be a good practice to set your personal profile to "private" so other users except those that you designate, can view your profile.

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