365Stream Removal Guide

Do you know what 365Stream is?

365Stream is a browser extension that might be encountered by Google Chrome users. The ad-on is not compatible with any other browsing application. According to our computer security specialists, the tool might be able to change Google Chrome’s default search engine as well as view browsing history. If you do not like the extension’s provided search engine, or you do not want it to be able to view what websites you visit and other things that can be learned by reviewing your browsing history, you may want to erase this add-on. Our removal guide placed at the end of this article can help you delete 365Stream manually from your browser’s extension menu. The other way to deal with this application is to get a reputable antimalware tool. Such software ought to erase the extension in question since it is classified as a potentially unwanted program. To learn more about it, you could read the rest of our report.

365Stream can be downloaded from its official site titled 365-stream.com. Also, Google Chrome users may find it on the Chrome Web Store page. Our computer security specialists also suspect that the add-on could be distributed via bundled software installers, the same as many other potentially unwanted programs that are similar to this one. Users often come across setup files bundled with questionable tools while visiting torrent and other untrustworthy file-sharing web pages. Downloading pirated software and unknown freeware from such sites is something we would recommend against if you do not want to put your system at risk accidentally. Another thing you can do to keep your computer protected is to install a reliable antimalware tool on it. You could use it to scan unreliable installers or other questionable data downloaded from the Internet.365Stream Removal Guide365Stream screenshot
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The extension might require a couple of particular permissions for itself. The first permission mentioned in the notification that should be shown after agreeing to install 365-stream.com ought to ask to “Read your browsing history.” Keep it in mind that allowing the extension to do so, might let it view what kind of websites you visit, ads you click, keywords you enter, and so on. You might consider some or all of this information private. According to the add-on’s Privacy Policy, information 365Stream might collect could be used to “Recommend content based on your preferences,” and it might be shared with third-party partners. It is likely that as a result, you could receive targeted advertisements from various third parties. Such ads could appear while browsing or using the potentially unwanted program’s search engine, which it ought to replace with your default search engine. As you see, the second permission the add-on is supposed to ask for is “Change your search settings to: feed.365-stream.com.”

If you do not want to be tracked while browsing, and the possibility of receiving targeted content does not excite you, you could eliminate 365Stream. The potentially unwanted program can be removed manually if you follow the instructions available below this paragraph. As for users who prefer employing automatic features for such tasks, we advise installing a reputable antimalware tool that could delete 365Stream for them.

Erase 365Stream

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Pick More tools and select Extensions.
  4. Search for the potentially unwanted program.
  5. Press Remove and select Remove.
  6. Relaunch the browser.

In non-techie terms:

365Stream is one of those potentially unwanted programs that may let you believe they can provide you with advanced search engines. However, in the end, you might be left with a modified Yahoo or Google search engine that could show advertisements from various third-parties. As for this plugin, it looks like it provides a modified Yahoo search tool, but that is not all. It appears, the add-on might be able to view browsing history, which some users consider to be private. If you are among those users who do not like their browsing history being watched or do not want to keep tools believed to be potentially unwanted programs, we advise not to waste any time with this extension. To erase 365Stream manually from your Google Chrome, you could follow the removal guide available above this paragraph. Also, the potentially unwanted program could be deleted with an antimalware tool; all you have to do is pick a reputable tool.