1ClickDownloader Removal Guide

Do you know what 1ClickDownloader is?

1ClickDownloader is a browser plug-in that helps you to download any type of file directly, without an external client. It is a safe tool, but due to its security loopholes 1ClickDownloader can be utilized by hackers in order to compromise system security. You should be extremely cautious of this browser plug-in, because it is related to a list of toolbars, websites and tools that are known to cause trouble for computer users.

If you try to install 1ClickDownloader, you will see that TornTV application gets installed automatically as well. TornTV is supposed you help you watch TV stations worldwide on your computer without any fee. During the installation, there is not prompt about the fact that TornTV will be installed as well. You get asked, however, whether you want to install Babylon Toolbar, and set it as your default search homepage. This option is not highlighted, and if you go through the installation processes inattentively, you might get your homepage changed and some of your searches redirected to affiliated websites.

Therefore, you have to be attentive during the installation process. 1ClickDownloader itself does not pose any danger to you, but if it is misused by a third party, or if you end up installing Babylon Toolbar, you might face a lot of dangers, because these applications can function as browser hijackers, opening the doors to your system for other malware.

Hence, it is extremely important that you are cautious about 1ClickDownloader. You can also remove 1ClickDownloader it if you do not plan to use this tool for a long while. Generally, 1ClickDownloader does not present any problem when you try to remove it via Control Panel Uninstall utility, but if you see that the removal process does not go smoothly, then you are strongly advised to terminate 1ClickDownloader and related programs with a powerful computer security tool.

Automatic removal is recommended when you cannot be sure how many malicious programs might be residing in your system. Also, if you terminate 1ClickDownloader automatically, the security program will protect your system from other threats.

In non-techie terms:

1ClickDownloader is a browser plug-in that allows to download videos posted online. It is related to such programs as Torn.TV and Babylon Toolbar. Therefore, you ought to be cautious about this application. It is recommended to remove 1ClickDownloader from your computer before it is exploited by cyber criminals.

Aliases: 1 Click Downloader.