180Solutions Zango Remvoal Guide

Do you know what 180Solutions.Zango is?

180Solutions.Zango is better known by its official name 180search Assistant and the main purpose of this program is to implement browser helper objects, spy on your browsing activity and then produce this information to the sordid cyber crooks. The program is camouflaged as a reliable browser’s add-on that can help you enhance your surfing experience; however, this product can only do the opposite, and if you do not remove 180Solutions.Zango adware from the PC, your confidential data will fall at serious risk.

180Solutions.Zango might be infiltrated into your computer with bundled downloads and ask no permission to be installed within your browser and personal computer. Nonetheless, since it is claimed that the program is legitimate, you will also be offered to install it from the official product’s website. The tool allegedly can join AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ accounts to create a singular product, and upon installation you will be presented with such information:

[180search Assistant] Protects your privacy and does not collect any personally identifiable information about you. This program collects information about web pages you browse to deliver relevant advertiser’s web pages.
When running, this program is represented by an icon on your system tray. The Search Assistant can be easily uninstalled by going to “Add/Remove Programs” in your control panel and selecting 180search Assistant.

If you read cautiously, you will realize that the company admits collecting data about your browsing data. The original program may not be supporting cyber criminals directly; however, its privacy protocols are not secured appropriately, which means schemers could use this adware based program to trick you into downloading or purchasing supposedly legitimate products. Even though this is not a rule whilst using 180search Assistant, you should not risk having cyber crooks spying on your private data, and 180Solutions.Zango removal is the next logical step you should perform.

In non-techie terms:

It has been found out that the program can remove access to the Registry Editor making manual 180Solutions.Zango removal basically impossible. This should not stop you from having this adware application deleted, and if you download legal and reliable automatic removal tools, the infection will be deleted timely, and your entire system will be protected against other dangerous programs.

Aliases: 180Solutions.Zango.