''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam Removal Guide

Do you know what ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam is?

If you have recently opened an email attachment, do not be surprised that you have encountered ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam because it is the main method used to distribute it. Of course, the majority of users do not realize that what they see is not a genuine security message displayed by Microsoft. In fact, this company is not associated with ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam in any way. Scammers have created this scam to trick you into contacting them. Needless to say, dialing the telephone number ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam promotes is the worst you can do. You should focus instead on the full removal of ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam. This tech-support scam does not create a point of execution, which means that it cannot show up on the user’s screen again automatically once closed, but it does not mean that you will not need to do anything if you ever encounter this scam – its launcher, i.e. the malicious executable file, must be removed from the system completely so that it would be impossible to launch it accidentally.

The appearance of the fake message claiming that your Windows security has been compromised on the screen does not necessarily mean that a security-related problem has occurred. It is more likely that you have encountered ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam. We can assure you that the “unsolvable threat” you have been informed about does not exist on your computer, so there is no point in contacting “Microsoft certified technicians” either. To trick users into contacting “technicians,” the fake security alert presents them with only two options. First, they can reinstall the Windows OS and thus lose their all personal files or, second, purchase a new license directly from Microsoft technicians and then verify it to unlock the computer and save personal data. They can be reached by dialing 1-888-398-0888, but a different telephone number might be used as well. Some gullible users fall for the scam, but you should not be one of them. We can assure you that you have not encountered any security problem. Your PC is simply infected with a computer threat that has opened the window you see on your Desktop in order to trick you into making a call. If you call “specialists,” you might receive a huge telephone bill in the first place. Second, they might convince you to give them access to your computer so that they could steal some personal information from it or install additional malware without your knowledge. You could take care of ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam yourself. That is, you could close the screen-sized window opened yourself without difficulty. Before you take action, please finish reading this report.''1-888-398-0888''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam screenshot
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As mentioned at the beginning, ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam is mainly distributed via spam email attachments. Actually, it is quite a popular method to promote malicious applications, so if you do not stop opening all email attachments you receive, you might end up with a new malicious program on your computer in no time. Of course, it is only one of a bunch of other methods that might be used to infect your system with malicious software, so you should also keep a security application active on your PC. On top of that, you must stop downloading software from dubious websites on the web. Last but not least, you should closely inspect all advertisements and links you are about to open because you might be redirected straight to a malicious website by them. In some cases, one visit to a malicious website might result in the entrance of malware. We are sure you do not want to encounter any computer threats.

The first thing you should do if you have encountered ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam is closing the fake security warning you see. It will not reappear unless you open a malicious executable file associated with the scam, but you cannot leave it on your system. You must remove it ASAP so that you would not launch it ever again. If you are looking for a quicker solution to the problem, you can use an antimalware scanner instead of deleting components representing the tech-support scam manually.

How to get rid of ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam

  1. Close the fake window by pressing Alt+F4 on your keyboard.
  2. Delete all files you have downloaded recently.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin.

In non-techie terms:

A security alert on your screen might indicate that you have encountered ''1-888-398-0888" Technical Support Scam. Usually, users notice a fake window on their Desktops after opening malicious email attachments, so we suspect this is the reason you see it too. Do not believe a single word the fabricated message contains. Instead, close the window you see immediately and delete the malicious file in order not to find it opened ever again.