1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal Removal Guide

Do you know what1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal is?

1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal is a scam that was created by schemers to trick you into calling a bogus call center. If you are tricked into doing this, schemers can then make you do other things that are not beneficial for you personally, including the disclosure of private information or the opening of security backdoors. Whether or not you have been scammed, you need to read this report because there are things to learn. The first thing we have to mention is that this particular scam was created by someone with very serious intentions. While most fake helpline scams are represented via bogus pages or pop-ups, this one is operated as a program, and it mimics the interface of your Windows operating system to make the scam appear more authentic. Unfortunately, this could lead to many Windows users being scammed. Whether or not the scam has tricked you, it is important that you remove 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal-related malware immediately!

The file of the malicious program responsible for 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal is usually downloaded by unsuspecting users themselves. This file could be hidden in malicious software bundles, or it could be concealed as something it is not. Officially, it is offered as a program called “Desktop Cleaner” via http://desktopcleaner.online. Once the file is downloaded, it is executed silently. A folder named “VinCE” is created in %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% or %PROGRAMFILES%, and a registry key is created in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. By doing this, the threat ensures that the window representing the scam is opened successfully. The window is border-less, and there is no way to close it. Unfortunately, the appearance of this window is very misleading as it resembles the blue screen that the Windows operating system uses. The information on this window is very techy, and less experienced users are unlikely to realize that it is bogus. Obviously, if you do realize this, you should understand that a malicious threat requires removal.1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal Removal Guide1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal screenshot
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On top of the bogus 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal window, a “Windows Error” pop-up appears. According to it, you must call a toll-free number, 1-855-266-4100, to contact “Windows support” because of an error that could not be fixed automatically. This is where schemers come into play. If you call the number, they can give you bogus information to make you do risky things. First of all it is likely that you would be asked to confirm your identity by disclosing sensitive personal information. Second, bogus Windows technicians could ask you to give them permission to access your PC remotely so that the alleged errors could be fixed. That is by far the worst thing you could do because that would permit schemers to do whatever they please, which might include infiltrating malware and hijacking your administrator privileges to spread the infection further. Hopefully, you have not become a victim of the devious 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal scam.

You need to reboot your Windows operating system into Safe Mode first. Next, you need to delete 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal-related malware components. This is not very easy, but not very difficult either, and we are sure that you can get rid of the threat if you follow the instructions below closely. Once you get rid of the annoying screen-size alert, you MUST inspect your PC for other infections. If one threat has managed to get in, others might have managed the same thing too. If you are overwhelmed by the threats active on your PC, do not hesitate to employ an anti-malware application. It will eradicate all threats automatically. If you have any questions about any steps pertaining to the removal, use the comments section for all conversations.

Remove 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal

  1. Reboot the PC to Safe Mode/Safe Mode with Networking (use the guide below).
  2. Launch Task Manager by tapping Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  3. Click the Processes tab.
  4. Select the process named SBSCP.exe (could be different) and click End Process.
  5. Find and Delete the launcher, SBSCP.exe (could be different). The file might be downloaded to the Desktop, Download, Temps, or any other folder.
  6. Now, launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys.
  7. Enter %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% (or %PROGRAMFILES%) into the bar at the top.
  8. Delete the folder named VinCE.
  9. Launch RUN by tapping Win+R keys and then enter regedit.exe.
  10. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  11. Delete the value named SC.exe (could be different). Note that the value data represents the location of the malicious launcher, which might help you detect it.

How to reboot Windows into Safe Mode

N.B. Go to the “Virus Removal Instructions” below to learn how to reboot Windows XP and Windows 7.

Reboot Windows 8 or Windows 10

  1. Windows 8 users tap Win+I keys and Windows 10 users click the Start menu icon on the Taskbar.
  2. Click the Power button, then, click Reset while pressing down the Shift key.
  3. Open the Troubleshoot menu and then go to Advanced Options.
  4. Click Startup Settings and then click Restart to open the boot options menu.
  5. Press the F4 key for Safe Mode or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

In non-techie terms:

If you have been hit by the 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal scam, your operating system is basically paralyzed. The good news is that this is fixable, and you should be able to successfully unlock your PC and delete malware using the guide above. As you can see, you need to reboot the PC to Safe Mode to access the malicious components. That might be the toughest part. All in all, if you are unable to delete 1-855-266-4100 Driver_irol_not_les_or_equal-related malware yourself, you can always employ anti-malware software. In this case, you will need to reboot to Safe Mode with Networking.