Windows Utility Tool Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiVirus System 2011 is?

It can be easy to fall victim to fake system optimizers, especially since all the time and effort which are going into the development behind these rogues as is the case with Windows Utility Tool. Do not fall for this seemingly user friendly and magnanimous system optimizer. Windows Utility Tool is a blatant clone of well known and despised rogues Windows Optimizator and Windows Optimization and Security, and is directly linked with the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials.

Windows Utility Tool is spread via fake online malware scanners and seditious browser hijackers. Its Trojans enter the system without the consent of the user, and will not reveal itself to the PC owner until it deems it the correct time. The first inkling the user will have of Windows Utility Tool will be the fake security alerts he will be subjected to. The user will also not be able to launch any executables on the system, as well as have a blocked Internet connection.

Once the user reboots his system, he will not be able to access his Desktop. Although this can be extremely annoying and trauma inducing, there does seem to be hope. Follow these instructions to restore access to your Desktop:

1.         When presented with the startup screen, press the OK button to start the Windows Utility Tool scan on the system.

2.         While the scan is running, navigate to the bottom left corner screen where you will notice a website linking to a legitimate Microsoft website.

3.         Click on this link, and close the browser window immediately by clicking on the red X at the top right of the screen.

4.         You should now be able to also close the Windows Utility Tool startup screen and regain access to your Desktop

You should find that access to your Desktop has now been restored. You are not out of the woods yet, though, as you still need to delete Windows Utility Tool from your PC in order to protect it from the damage this insidious rogue is sure to cause. Erase Windows Utility Tool immediately by making use of a genuine security tool which will also provide future protection against similar attacks.

In non techie terms:

Windows Utility Tool is a fake system optimization and defragmenting tool, and will not live up to any of its promises. Do not let it destroy your system; eliminate Windows Utility Tool as soon as possible.

Aliases: WindowsUtilityTool, WindowsUtility Tool, WindowsUtilityTool.